Interview: Marmalade + Mash

Marmalade & Mash is a great new kidswear label created by London College of Fashion graduate Naomi Langford-Archer. The brand concentrates on comfort, nostalgia, quirkiness and fun. Their colourful Autumn/Winter collection is fuss and frill free, with deep autumnal browns, navy blues and greens mixed with electric blue, orange and pea green. The clothes are laid back yet smart with an emphasis on line, balance and proportion. I spoke to founder Naomi to find out more…

What inspired you to start Marmalde + Mash?
I knew I wanted to be a designer and I love kids and fashion and found I had more freedom designing childrenswear. It is also so lovely to see children in children’s clothes. So many brands these days have lost that innocence.
What are the ideas behind the current collection?
Marmalade + Mash will be brightening up the Winter season with an exciting new range. With a colour palette that would be at home in the 1970′s, fabrics that have an edgy, warehouse vibe and the classic silhouettes that Marmalade + Mash do so well. This collection promises to bring a sense of eclectic British flavour.
What materials do you use and where do you manufacture?
99% of materials I use are 100% cotton, including cotton velvet, corduroy, moleskin, brushed cotton shirting. All the fabric comes from Europe and the clothes are manufactured in Portugal by two different family run businesses. The quality is excellent.
Where are you stocked? 
We are stocked in LA, New York, Canada, Texas, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the UK – Semmalina (London), Little Bevan (London), Mungo & Maisie (Hereford), Thursday Child Gifts (Oxfordshire), Rachels Weddings (Oxfordshire), Compost & Gooseberry (Shropshire), Smarti Pants (Shropshire) and Licquorice (Kent).
What is your favourite children’s book?
The Amazing Mrs Pepperpot because as a child, I wanted to shrink and get up to mischief too!
Do you have any exciting plans for the future? 
We would like to expand the boys range as boyswear is so limited and the boys look adorable in them! This seasons our boyswear goes up to age 12 as opposed to previous seasons which stopped at age 9.

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